Choosing the Best Wood for Your Fireplace

Whether you are using a traditional type fireplace or depending on a wood-burning stove to produce your heat, you have to determine which type of wood that you will be wanting to purchase and what you feel will produce the best results for you. There are all types of different woods to choose from and the price ranges are quite different. A lot of people now are beginning to go with the eco type of wood as well as briquettes. But there are those who insist on using true wood as they like the benefits that come with it.

Ash and Beech

Both of these are considered to be exceptionally good choices of wood to burn in the fireplace. The ash is noted for its production of the steady flame and the amount of heat that it can put out. Ideally, it should be totally dry when being used for burning but it can be burnt when it is green, whereas beechwood does produce the same effects, but does not burn very well if it’s not dry enough.

Apple and Cherry

These are considered to be good burners, however the cherry wood must be seasoned well before using it for this purpose. What many like about the cherry wood is that it is slow burning, so users feel that they are getting more for their investment. A lot of people like the apple wood because it doesn’t have the tendency to spark or split during burning and it has a small flame size.


Elm is considered to be in the medium range for a wood choice and is not really one that is at the top of the list because it has a two-year drying period before it produces the best results. It can also be difficult to get elm to start burning, however if choices are limited then it can certainly be one that is used with some satisfaction.