The Basics of Starting a Fire in your Fireplace

Part of the fascination of finally owning a house with a fireplace is, obviously, the thrill of having to start your own fire. Turns out that not many people know how to do so, so they are going to have to learn the proper way around it. The first thing that you, the reader, are going to discover is that there are different techniques available.

Types of Fireplaces

When you are about to buy a fireplace, you are setting out on an exciting adventure. But because fireplaces have come a long way in both their functionality and design, it may be one that becomes a little overwhelming, at first, because there are so many different types to choose from.

Mantle Styles for Fireplaces

When it comes to choosing fireplaces there are many different components of it that individuals like to look at. Of course the size is going to be important and where it is going to be located in the room. Some of the additional factors that draw attention is the mantle styles for the fireplaces.

These will often depend on the type of heat source that the fireplace comes with. Some individuals like the old traditional style mantles while others are going for the new modern fireplace look that doesn’t include mantels at all.

How to Clean a Fireplace

There is no doubt that having a fireplace in a home adds to its atmosphere – while at the same time being functional and providing additional heat. But any fireplace comes with the responsibility of making sure that it is cleaned and maintained properly, so as to avoid anything from dirt and ash getting inside your house to accidents that can even have serious consequences: this is where you also need to take care of your chimney.

Choosing the Best Wood for Your Fireplace

Whether you are using a traditional type fireplace or depending on a wood-burning stove to produce your heat, you have to determine which type of wood that you will be wanting to purchase and what you feel will produce the best results for you. There are all types of different woods to choose from and the price ranges are quite different. A lot of people now are beginning to go with the eco type of wood as well as briquettes. But there are those who insist on using true wood as they like the benefits that come with it.

Tips for Buying a Fireplace

There are many different reasons why a homeowner would want to consider having a fireplace installed in their home. Once this decision has been made then the next factor that comes into play is knowing what type to buy. Also, the primary reasons for having one installed has to be considered. Some people want a fireplace for the aesthetic value while others want to use it as a source of heating.

Deciding on the Best Place to Install the Fireplace

So, you’re finally having your fireplace installed. And you know pretty well know what room you want it in. But where in the room? Most people, at this point, can be a little lost and undecided. This is where a professional comes in: only qualified personnel can install a fireplace – which is, after all, not a piece of furniture – as there are rules and safety regulations that must be adhered to. For example, when you checked out the fireplace that you wanted to purchase, you may have noticed that they all come with different features. In some cases, the fireplace may have a required need for a fireproof wall where the fireplace is going to be installed.

Things to Remember When Burning Wood

If you have chosen to install a wood-burning fireplace it may be a new experience for you and one that comes with a bit of a learning curve. There are some basics to remember to put into play when using your wood-burning stove