Things to Remember When Burning Wood

If you have chosen to install a wood-burning fireplace it may be a new experience for you and one that comes with a bit of a learning curve. There are some basics to remember to put into play when using your wood-burning stove

Wood Needs Air to Burn

With your wood-burning you want to get a good flame that is intense and the best way to get the most from your wood is to make sure that the draft control is in its fully open position. What you need to realize is that once the room has become warm the temperature of it is then geared by the amount of wood that is being burned and not the air control.

Should There be Smoke?

One of the concerns that many individuals have when they start a wood-burning fire is the amount of smoke that is present. They are concerned about seeing this at the top of the chimney. There should always be a minimal amount of smoke that can be seen emitting from the chimney. If the smoke looks dense and black then it means that the combustion is not proper. This is often because the fire that is burning in the fireplace is not at its full intensity. The smoke that should be seen from the stack should be much like what steam looks like and have no odor to it.

Enjoying The Atmosphere

Once the fireplace is running smoothly sitting beside it and enjoying it is one of the benefits it brings. While doing this it would be most entertaining to enjoy what casumo casino has to offer with their online gaming experience. This can easily be done from sitting with a laptop by a cozy fire.

Keep the Fireplace Clean

It is important that you make sure that your fireplace is cleaned regularly. This means removing the soot and having the chimney cleaned at least once a year.