Mantle Styles for Fireplaces

When it comes to choosing fireplaces there are many different components of it that individuals like to look at. Of course the size is going to be important and where it is going to be located in the room. Some of the additional factors that draw attention is the mantle styles for the fireplaces.

These will often depend on the type of heat source that the fireplace comes with. Some individuals like the old traditional style mantles while others are going for the new modern fireplace look that doesn’t include mantels at all.

Many times individuals are having their fireplace custom built and this presents them with one of the challenges of how to style their mantle. The mantle style can totally change the entire look of the fireplace itself.

One of the aspects about the mantle is that it is often used to display accessories that are applicable to the room. Knowing ahead of time what these accessories are can help with the planning of the size and style of the mantle.

Something else that is going to dictate the materials of the mantle is what the materials of the fireplace itself are comprised of. For example, a stone fireplace lends very well to having a wood mantel. For those that are going for the more ultra modern look then they often like to use various types of slate for the mantle.

The design of the mantle is just as important as the materials that are being used for it. The style has to fit in with the theme of the room. A lot of thought has to be given to this in the event that in the future the theme of the room is going to be changed. Therefore, having a mantel design that is more universal and versatile will allow for these types of changes.