Deciding on the Best Place to Install the Fireplace

So, you’re finally having your fireplace installed. And you know pretty well know what room you want it in. But where in the room? Most people, at this point, can be a little lost and undecided. This is where a professional comes in: only qualified personnel can install a fireplace – which is, after all, not a piece of furniture – as there are rules and safety regulations that must be adhered to. For example, when you checked out the fireplace that you wanted to purchase, you may have noticed that they all come with different features. In some cases, the fireplace may have a required need for a fireproof wall where the fireplace is going to be installed.

When a professional will be installing a fireplace at your home, they will know exactly about this, or what the placement needs to be in regards to the outlet for the chimney, and they will also give specs of the surrounding area in regards to keeping furniture and flammables away from it.

Something else that will have to be taken into account at this time is the capacity of the floor for being able to bear the weight and load of the fireplace. With new modern fireplaces, usually the standard floor that is in place is able to handle one with no problems. Again, this is something that licensed personnel will be able to determine.

What is important about the placement of your fireplace is that it’s crucial for it to be in an area where it needs to be most productive. It has to produce and be able to disseminate the heat that is required.

If you are only having a fireplace installed for ornamental reasons, then all of the above criteria for a full, safely working fireplace will probably not be applicable and you will have more options in regards to placement, so this is another element to discuss with whoever will work on it.